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Project Tesseract™ is a salon that aims to promote third culture conversations and provide a platform for thinkers in Dubai and the MENA region to share their thoughts on issues related to the sciences and the arts.


What does ‘Third Culture’ mean?

For the longest time the intellectual landscape had been dominated by literary writers (poets, novelists, philosophers) and scientific writers (researchers, professors, journalists). Third Culture refers to the emergence of a new group of intellectuals who form a bridge between the two cultures – as a way to promote scientific thinking and encourage a cross-curricular, multi-disciplinary approach to issues of the day. 

Aims of Project Tesseract™:

  • To promote third culture conversations

  • To encourage a multi-disciplinary approach to issues of the day

  • To forge links between science and the arts

  • To create a platform for thinkers and intellectuals in Dubai to share their views 


The raison d'être

In today’s world, we get most of our news from the internet. But even though the internet is a place with a wealth of information, it is also a space cluttered with inane chatter, irascible rants, and incomprehensible tweets. However, the internet can be an exciting space for brilliant minds to come together. Project Tesseract is about curating ideas and creating that space for thinkers in Dubai and the MENA region.


Participants and Contributing Authors

Project Tesseract participants include various members of Dubai’s intelligentsia – an eclectic mix of professors, journalists, principals, novelists, bloggers, science boffins, art critics, and social commentators.

What is a Tesseract?

A tesseract is a four-dimensional cube. It is a mathematical construct that cannot be visualized in our 3-dimensional world.  Project Tesseract is a metaphor for taking the conversation to the next level – just as the shades and shadows on Plato’s cave served as an allegory for modes of thinking that weren’t immediately obvious.


The Curator at Project Tesseract is Rohan Roberts |




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