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“Leap features splendid language and easy confidence with heady material. Think Tom Stoppard.”

Directed by: Lara Matossian

Produced by: Rohan Roberts

About the Author:

Lauren is a playwright, screenwriter and short story author from Atlanta, GA. She received her BA in English/Creative Writing at Emory University, and her MFA in Dramatic Writing at NYU Tisch, where she was also a Reynolds Fellow in Social Entrepreneurship.


About the Play:

Young Cambridge student, Isaac Newton, is sent home from London due to the plague closing the schools. While he is biding his time away in his family's small farm in rural England a pair of brilliant young sisters come to him with a strange and beguiling proposal.


The play explores the inspiration for Newton's amazing discoveries in 1664 including gravity, optics, and calculus. Based on scientific and historical fact, Leap infuses myth, biography and science into a new story about one of Western culture's greatest minds. Leap is an inventive synthesis of science, history, and a little bit of feminist magic.

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